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Move Your Recurring Donors to Classy in 3 Steps

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Published July 22, 2022 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Moving your recurring donors from your previous fundraising platform to Classy might seem daunting, but a thoughtful strategy can turn this into a seamless transition that actually strengthens your donor relationships for the long run.

In fact, this platform switch presents a perfect opportunity to re-engage this critical group of donors and even acquire greater levels of support.

Below, we discuss how you can make this migration as streamlined as possible, seize this opportunity to reconnect with your recurring donors, and create a targeted outreach plan that inspires supporters to recommit to your cause. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

3 Simple Steps to Migrate Your Recurring Donors

Many nonprofits are quick to feel intimidated by the idea of a recurring donor migration and what it might encompass, but the process is not as complicated as it seems.

There are three clear-cut steps for your organization:

Step 1: Email your recurring donors and ask them to set up recurring donations (according to the frequency option they desire) on your new Classy campaign.

Step 2: Cancel these donors’ old recurring gifts in your previous platform.

Step 3: Call any recurring donors who have not yet set up new donations on your Classy campaign, and ask them to make donations over the phone. Your staff can manually enter in these new donations and cancel those in the former platform.

The great news is that this process is not only simple, but it also has the potential to transform into a major donor stewardship event.

Pro Tip: Classy makes it seamless to migrate donors from your existing platform. Learn about these migration opportunities and more.

A Stewardship Opportunity You Can’t Miss

The recurring donor migration process can become a unique opportunity for your team to personally re-engage this vitally important cohort of supporters.

Each targeted email or phone call creates the opportunity for a meaningful touchpoint that reconnects your recurring donors with their impact on your mission. The direct calls, especially, are moments to remind them of the real people behind your brand and share person-to-person interactions that can deepen those connections.

Use these messages to call to mind:

  • The milestones your donors have helped you reach so far
  • How their ongoing support will impact your programs moving forward
  • Any upcoming initiatives their donations will directly support
  • The people and personalities behind your mission
  • How upgrading their gift can make an even greater difference on the lives of those you serve

You can also explain to donors how this transition to Classy will give them even greater flexibility and control over their own recurring subscriptions. On Classy, they’re able to customize their payment frequency, the dates they’re charged, their payment method, and even the end dates for their gift plans. Let your donors know how your organization deeply considered their needs and wants when deciding your platform transition.

Overall, understanding that this is a stewardship opportunity beckons another layer of strategy. Get smart with your messaging by segmenting your outreach.

Segment Your Outreach

An intentional, segmented outreach plan will ensure customized messaging that creates a positive experience for your donors. Whether you organize supporters by their credit card expiration dates, or the size or frequency of their donations, consider how each touchpoint can serve as a piece within a larger, personalized narrative versus a one-off administrative message.

Here are three ways you might segment your recurring donors.

Group 1: Recurring Donors Set to Expire in the Next 30 to 60 Days

Email this group of recurring donors and let them know that their card is about to expire. Ask them to start a new donation with their most up-to-date information through your brand new campaign or recurring giving donation page on Classy.

This message is also an opportunity to upgrade donors’ gift sizes. Thank them for their continued support and ask if they might consider increasing their donation by a certain amount. Be sure to demonstrate what that additional support would mean to your organization in terms of impact.

You can also use this outreach as an opportunity to be transparent and further develop your brand’s voice. Consider communicating to your donors why you’re updating your recurring giving program, what you need from them to help it succeed, and outline the benefits both your supporters and beneficiaries will receive from the change.

Group 2: Your Recurring Donor All-Stars

While their credit cards might not be set to expire anytime soon, the next group to consider could be your “all-stars.” To assess which recurring donors you have the strongest relationships with, segment your list by the length of your relationship, donation amount, or by how often they open your messages.

If you decide to sort your donors by length of relationship, consider referring to them as your “founding members” to make them feel like they’re part of an exclusive group. Let them know you’re revamping your recurring giving program, and you’re reaching out to personally invite them over. Thank them for their longtime support and walk them through setting up a gift on your new Classy campaign.

This could also be an opportunity to introduce any new perks for your recurring donors. Consider what else you could provide to help strengthen their connection to your team. Exclusive content? Specific impact updates? Branded swag? Position the transfer and relaunch as a way of saying thanks and offering new benefits to increase the chance donors will engage.

Group 3: Recurring Donors You Don’t Know as Well

After you’ve reached out to your all-stars, it’s time to reach out to your recurring donors with whom you don’t have quite as much history, or as strong of a relationship.

Introduce your new recurring giving campaign and acknowledge the work your supporters helped make possible thus far. As with the previous groups, let them know how your new program is an improvement and how it offers them even more flexibility with their payment methods, frequencies, and overall subscription plans.

Communicate how you’d like to take this opportunity to learn more about them. In addition to making a donation on your Classy campaign, perhaps you can ask them a survey question or two to help you better understand how you can serve them as valuable members of your community.

Ready to Migrate Your Recurring Donors to Classy?

Migrating your recurring donors to Classy can be a seamless process. Just as importantly, it offers you the chance to personally connect with your supporters and rejuvenate their passion for your mission.

Let them know how your recent change in platform will also improve the flexibility and control your recurring donors have over their own giving. Strategic planning and communication can turn this necessary transition into a stewardship opportunity that yields even greater, long-lasting rewards for your organization.

Warn to learn more about how you can not only transfer, but ultimately up-level your recurring giving campaign? Talk to a Classy expert today.

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