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Atlas Free Enjoys a 43% Conversion Rate by Combining Storytelling and Streamlined Giving


To accelerate and resource the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation


Nurture Atlas Free’s new and existing supporter base and strengthen each donor’s connection to the cause while going through a rebrand


Classy’s comprehensive fundraising solution provides all of the tools Atlas Free needs to elevate its story, inspire giving, and expand its impact

We are consistently taking advantage of new features and are keeping up with Classy’s pace of innovation. That way, we can ensure the best experience for our supporters and our team.

– Jake Fankhauser, CRM and Experience Manager

Atlas Free Results on Classy in the Last Year:


overall conversion rate


average donation size


growth in recurring donor retention

Atlas Free is building a global movement, uniting funders, adventurers, and everyday people, to scale the fight against human trafficking. Since its founding in 2012, the nonprofit has impacted nearly 900,000 people through aftercare, prevention, outreach, awareness, and intervention programs. 

Maintaining a Seamless Supporter Experience While Going Through a Rebrand

In 2022, Atlas Free went through a full rebrand: new name, logo, and colors that their team feels better represent their scaled mission. As their programs grew, they agreed that their name needed to change to reflect their growing impact. 

With Classy’s domain masking and campaign templating tools, the Atlas Free team saved countless hours of manual work converting all campaigns to their nonprofit’s new look and feel.

With Classy’s campaign templates, we quickly updated hundreds of fundraising pages. These templates allowed us to ensure our supporters were as comfortable as possible during the transition.

Jake Fankhauser

CRM and Experience Manager

Engaging Storytelling Leads to Faster Transactions

Atlas Free found that most people who land on their Classy campaign pages have never engaged with their organization before. That makes it the perfect place to introduce themself with impact blocks and other storytelling tools. The team was an early adopter of embedded donation forms as well, both pop-up and inline, which simplify the transaction process and routinely see 2x the industry standard conversion rate.

Our main goal when rolling out embedded donation forms was to create an easy way to donate directly from our website. We accomplished that quickly and have pivoted into making them a focal point for different campaigns across our entire website. They also helped our website growth during the rebrand feel natural.

Jake Fankhauser

CRM and Experience Manager

To further the impact of their organization and increase donors’ lifetime value (LTV), Atlas Free promotes its monthly recurring giving program, Team Freedom. Just $27 has the power to put a child in a safe home for a whole month. Plus, with the customization capabilities of Classy’s embedded donation forms, it’s easy to pair this narrative with a superior donation experience that allows donors to select amounts based on the beneficiaries’ stories. All of this combined led to an increase in retention of these monthly supporters by 151% since 2021.

Atlas Free Embedded Donation Form
Recurring donation appeal with an inline embedded donation form

Taking Advantage of All New Classy Features

Atlas Free utilizes a variety of Classy’s donation and campaign types, including donation pages, embedded donation forms, peer-to-peer, crowdfunding, and fundraising events. 

Atlas Free is always first in line to implement new Classy features because the return on investment is clear: supporters who engage with multiple campaign types are 4x more valuable than supporters who participate in a single campaign. By diversifying its campaign portfolio and prioritizing the donor experience, Atlas Free is in a prime position to acquire, convert, and retain long-term supporters.

Coming up later this year, their team plans to implement Classy’s new campaign builder, Campaign Studio, which will enable nonprofits to unleash their creativity and remove tech limits to make sharing their story on new campaign pages even easier. 

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