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INFOGRAPHIC: Data Reveals the Power of Recurring Donations


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Published February 8, 2023 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Repeat giving and automated gifts set nonprofits up to scale and achieve goals in entirely new ways. Today, we review the lifetime value of loyal donors and the positive financial impact they can have on the health of your organization in an easy-to-navigate recurring donation infographic. 

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The Power of Recurring Giving

A recurring giving program is an unmatched source of predictable and sustainable revenue. Check out the key statistics highlighting the potential impact to your organization from strengthening your recurring donation strategy this year. 

Below, you’ll see data insights from Classy’s platform data and annual reports: The State of Modern Philanthropy and Why America Gives.


Organizations who allow donors to give at a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual frequency see incredible returns. The data shows the impact of having a recurring gift option on a donation site on attracting repeat donations. 

More than that, organizations constantly apply entrepreneurial thinking to establish recurring gift programs that model our 21st-century subscription economy. The better the experience you offer recurring donors, the more loyal they become to contributing a reliable income stream.


The power of a recurring donation became further amplified when we had the opportunity to survey American donors themselves. While heading into the unknowns of 2022, donor loyalty  was incredible as they consistently returned to the same organizations and causes. 

This confirms that recurring donors not only show up to impact your current year’s revenue but also seek connections with organizations they can continue to support for years into the future. As we continue to navigate the impact of economic uncertainty on charitable behavior, it’s highly beneficial to have (and lean on) a cohort of reliable supporters.


There’s always a new audience of donors ready to grow their support. It’s about how you engage one-time supporters and grow your donor relationships that lead to their commitment to a recurring donation. 

The more education you provide to donors about the benefits of giving small amounts over a longer period, the more potential you have to see your recurring momentum grow.


When giving levels hit natural seasonal spikes, such as on Giving Tuesday or at year-end, recurring donation momentum follows. That’s why days like these or significant giving days for  your cause are optimal for outreach about recurring gift opportunities. 

People are naturally more inclined to make an impact and want to feel like they’re part of a larger solution. When you pair storytelling and a design template with the clear desired outcomes of an established fundraising goal, you have an open door to welcome and recruit passionate individuals that will be by your side for the long run.

Apply These Donation Infographic Learnings to Your Nonprofit’s Aggressive Goals

Consider how a recurring giving program can fit into your overall annual fundraising strategy for short and long-term gains. To help you envision what the results could mean for your organization, we packed each of these digital and printable infographic elements with recurring giving statistics and pointers on starting or strengthening the functionality of your recurring giving program.

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